My Paris trip was amazing! I loved the experience and am grateful I was able to share it with my family! I wanted to share a few of my favorite outfits from the trip.  I used to think you had to pay a lot of money to have the best clothes, but there are so many inexpensive retailers with fashionable and affordable clothing that any girl could rock!

Arc de Triumph


I am a big fan of Adidas shoes, and most of my activewear shoes are from Adidas.  I am wearing the Adidas Swift Run Sneakers in white. My leggings are Stronger brand. The company is based in Sweden, and the leggings are called tights on their website. The leggings I am wearing in this photo are their Trinity Tights with tone-in-tone striped legs. I am also wearing the Stronger Trinity Cropped Top to match the leggings. Over that, I am wearing two jackets because it was quite chilly in Paris. The fur collar showing in the photo is a cozy faux jacket from Target that was super comfy and warm! I was still cold, so I borrowed my mom’s Michael Kors hooded puffer coat from Macy’s. Lastly, I am wearing a C.C Beanie on my head. I love C.C Beanies! I bought mine from a small boutique, but they can be found at many retailers.

Dior Tree


I am wearing my white Adidas sneakers again. I love the look of the Adidas Swift Runs, and they are super comfy to walk in. My outfit is from Forever 21. I paired my jumpsuit with a white long-sleeved shirt. My coat is from L&E. The coat is warm and cozy and perfect for the winter weather in Paris! I borrowed the headband from my friend Laura. She purchased the headband at a university bookstore, but this style headband is very trendy and can be purchased at Target. I paired the look with a pretty brown snake purse from Charming Charlie’s (not seen in the photo).

Golf Cart 


My brother called this my train conductor look lol, but I love it! I am a big fan of this look! My shoes are Steve Madden Wedgie Wedge sneakers, and they are so comfortable!

I am wearing another jumpsuit from Forever 21 paired with a plain black turtleneck from Target. I am wearing the faux fur coat from Target to add texture. To finish the look, I am wearing a glen plaid cabby hat from Forever 21 to match with the jumpsuit perfectly.

Stronger Jump


I am wearing one of my favorite workout outfits. Not something to wear around by itself in Paris during the winter, but this was an outfit I wore with my big white L& E coat to keep it practical and active in Paris. The crop top is Stronger’s Etna II and is paired with the Etna II leggings to match. I love Stronger’s signature two stripped outfits!

Sparkly Outfit


 In this photo, I’m wearing a more outgoing look for me. I am wearing a sparkly square neck knit jumpsuit in black from Target. I paired the jumpsuit with my black Target turtleneck. I am wearing high black booties with this outfit that I borrowed from my sister to keep with this unique style. I love this outfit because it’s so different from what I usually wear.

Eiffel Tower Outfit


This outfit was probably my favorite from the whole trip! My green jumpsuit came from the Lizard Thicket boutique. I love all their clothes and accessories! Lizard Thicket is a mix of Free People style and Altar’d State style. I paired the jumpsuit with my long sleeve shirt from Forever 21. My necklace came from Lizard Thicket also. Then last, but not least, I wore my Steve Madden snake boots and matched it with my Steve Madden snake purse to add that final touch (not shown in picture).


My mom and I shop when things are on sale! Places like Steve Madden, Target, Forever 21, Stronger, Francesca’s, Altar’d State, Adidas, and Nordstrom are the main retailers I shop, and they all have great sales. My Steve Madden sneakers were buy one get one 80% off! You just have to keep a lookout for the items you like and watch when they go on sale. For me, it’s hard to be patient! When I see an item I want, I want to have it right now! lol But I force myself to wait until it goes on sale!

Vacation is the time to rock the outfits you wouldn’t rock on the daily. Start wearing things that you have always wanted to wear but that are out of your comfort zone! My mom is my fashionista and always helps me with my outfits. When I am trying on clothes to buy she always tells me “if you don’t absolutely love it then don’t buy it.” Don’t buy boring clothes that you don’t love because they end up in the back of your closet! Pick outfits that you love and ones that show off your personality. When you love your clothes, you feel more confident. So ROCK your style and radiate positivity!

Loves, EM!!

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